M/M,  Suspense

The Mystery of the Curiosities (Snow & Winter #2) by C.S. Poe

No. This story just wasn’t right.

In the first instalment, Poe laid the groundwork for a cute mystery series, with charming characters and some seriously hot shenanigans. So, why would she ruin it all by making the MC act so stupid in this book?

I don’t get it.

Synopsis: Sebastian Snow, antiques dealer and amateur sleuth, has caught the attention of someone who’s not averse to breaking the law. His antiques shop is vandalized and the culprit leaves cryptic notes for him to decipher. The police doesn’t really take him seriously, but then he finds a dead body in his apartment. With yet another note. Sebastian is dragged into – quite willingly I might add – a lethal game that also seem to be connected to Calvin Winter’s previous cases.

Sebastian, who is supposedly very smart, just kept doing the most stupid shit.

When discovering a dead body, where the death is clearly not natural, you call the police. You don’t start examining it, touching it and taking evidence that you hide from the police. And you most certainly don’t do such things repeatedly. Unless you’re Sebastian Snow that is.

Also, when your boyfriend is a detective, he doesn’t just accept that you’re messing with crime scenes, withholding evidence and generally hindering a police investigation. Repeatedly. Unless he’s Calvin Winter.

*Disappointed sigh*

It’s such a shame. Poe is clearly an excellent writer. And while Sebastian absolutely did some reckless stuff in the first book, the level of stupidity he displays in this one is astounding. So I’m very much done with the Snow & Winter series. But the jury’s still out on whether I’ll give Poe another chance in the future.


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