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The Queen and The Homo Jock King (At First Sight #2) by T.J. Klune

This is the most outrageous book I’ve ever read – well, listened to in this case. It’s over-the-top, un-filtered and inappropriate. It’s absolutely hilarious and I adore it!

Synposis: The surface story is about Sanford Stuart, Sandy, a regular guy working as a claims adjuster for an insurance company. Sandy’s alter ego is the fabulous drag queen Helena Handbasket who performs for her adoring fans at the only gay bar in Tuscon. One such fan is Darren Mayne, a delicious homo jock who Sandy detests, while also salivating over. When Jack It, the gay bar, is at risk of being closed down, the owner of the bar comes up with a plan that Sandy soon agrees to. Seduce Darren Mayne in order to get Darren’s father, the mayor of Tuscon, to let the bar stay open.

So, yes, it’s a completely ridiculous storyline, but then, that’s a part of the charm of this fantastic story. Told entirely through the viewpoint of Sandy/Helena, this is an end-less stream of WTF consciousness that is the most amazing thing. It’s probably the funniest story I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to. It’s right up there with another one of Klune’s works, Tales from Verania. And there’s no question that Michael Lesley’s narration lifts the story even more with him being such an amazing performer.

Sandy thinks Darren is a total a-hole. An a-hole he keeps having indecent fantasies about. Darren on the other hand is not so secretly quite enamoured with Sandy. During the enactment of their questionable plan – based on Sandy and Darren fake dating – Sandy starts to realize that maybe Darren isn’t such a jackass after all.

I listened to the first book in this series a while back, and Paul and Vince appeared in this installment as well. As did the rest of that cast. Paul’s (and Sandy’s) corny parents, Nana the most outrageous grandmother ever written, the homophobic parrot Johnny Depp and the old, grumpy leather-daddy, Charlie. I have no idea how Klune can come up with all the fabulous craziness that is this series, but I love him for it. And I’m also in absolute awe.

I actually hesitated in starting in on this book. Because reading about a drag queen has honestly never appealed to me. But I needn’t have worried. This story had me laughing so hard and just gave me the most warm and happy feeling. I can’t recommend this story enough. And now I’m going to purchase the third book.


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