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The Spooky Life (The Spectral Files #4) by S.E. Harmon

Expected release date: April 18th

I just love these guys so much! Rain and Danny are hands down one of my favourite couples ever, and The Spooky Life did not disappoint.

In this installment, the guys are planning their wedding. Danny’s mom goes into some sort of wedding frenzy, and the end result is hilarious. The guys tries to fit in all the wedding planning in between working, but neither of them really have the patience, or interest, in selecting wedding invites or choosing chairs for the ceremony. It’s cute, funny, and soo very Rain and Danny. The scene where they’re on a wedding cake tasting is probably my favourite in the whole book. All that snark and humour covering up boatloads of feeling, and also, of course they’ll have a digital work-meeting at the same time!

The case this time starts with a ghost (shocker!) who won’t speak, and an investigation into a 17 year old disappearance. As usual the case is convoluted, and as usual, witnesses and suspects alike seem to all have the events from 17 years earlier a bit too fresh in their mind (Or maybe it’s just me having trouble remembering stuff from only last year? Anyway…) But I’m happy to say I didn’t find any plot holes. Which is something that, to be perfectly honest, this series has had a bit of trouble with.

It gets intense for a bit towards the end. Since Danny almost died in the third book, I figured I’d be prepared for anything Harmon could come up with. But I was so wrong about that. I had to put the book down and collect myself before jumping in again. However, I did manage not to cry (‘coz sniffles don’t count).

All in all. It was a wonderful, beautiful, and spooky story. With some steam on the side.

Basically, I just soaked in everything Rain and Danny. The plot is interesting, sure. But, to me, it’s all about the love. Rain and his sarcasm and odd vulnerability. Danny, big, tattooed, and Rain’s anchor through it all. A sexy anchor with a filthy mind.

And now I’m sad that this might actually be their last book. Not that Harmon specifically says so, but she implies it.

So I’ll just say; 5 stars, highly recommend, and keep your fingers crossed there will be a fifth book someday.

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