Delicious smut,  M/M,  Shifter

Timber Pack Chronicles by Rob Colton

Now this is some juicy, M/M smut!

And not only that, it’s juicy smut combined with my favourite trope; wolf shifter romance.

However, you should know that even though I do love me some hot, man-on-man action, this story has so much more going for it than hide-the-salami. Because Timber Pack Chronicles has this new, fresh take on the whole wolf-shifter genre. Or maybe it’s actually more of a return to the classic werewolf story roots. The world is one where wolf-shifters are unknown to society in general. A bite from a wolf can turn a human into one, but that’s strictly forbidden. It’s also risky since a bitten human might not survive their first shift.

Synopsis: There’s Parker, a slight and somewhat nerdy gay guy, just starting his senior year in High school (High school stories usually creeps me out because I can never remember the ages of the students. But Parker’s just starting his senior year and turns 18 before anything naughty happens so don’t worry. Granted, in my head, I choose to imagine these guys being even older because … you know, eww cradle-robbing). Anyway, Parker is the twink in this story. Then there’s Colton, a hot and built wolf shifter, who knows that Parker is his mate. Only he keeps his distance since Parker’s still a minor while Colton is 19. When Colton finally makes his move, there’s more to overcome than just the fact that Parker’s human. There’s bigotry within Colton’s pack, a rogue wolf appearing to stalk Parker and the obnoxious school bully who’s the Pack Alpha’s son.

So, I basically devoured this story. There was just never a dull moment. There were always something driving the story forward. Whether it was the progression of Colton’s and Parker’s budding romance or outside forces working against them, it was non-stop action. Sure, there was such an abundance of dick that it was almost straight out porn, but it was dispersed pretty evenly throughout the story, so it worked.

There were also a lot of great secondary characters that made the world-building that much more nuanced and interesting. The sole focus wasn’t just on Colton and Parker which absolutely made me crave to know more of this world. I’ve already bought the second installment – Enforcer, Timber Pack Chronicles Book 2 – which is Colton’s enforcer Jed’s story.

Parker was an insta-love for me. He was cute and likable. Insecure, with a big heart but with surprising strength. Colton, though, was harder to like. His most redeeming quality was his love for Parker and his loyalty to his friends. Personality-wise he was a cocky and slightly overbearing a-hole and a sore loser. That being said, Timber Pack Chronicles is still an awesome, delicious read. It would have been even better with a less arrogant Colton, but then, no book is perfect I guess.

However, there were two things about this story that made me cringe.

First, the book cover. This is a story with mature content. Soooo very, very mature. But the cover makes it look like a kids book. Creepy!

Then it’s the way Colton keeps calling Parker “pup” all the time. It’s supposed to be an endearment, I get that. But to me it’s just infantilizing and disturbing since it makes me think of daddy-kink and – I wish I didn’t even know what this was but – puppy-play. *Full body shudder*. Also, Colton may be physically bigger than Parker but he’s only one year older. So, the pup-thing most definitely doesn’t work for me.

Now, if I haven’t been clear enough, I’ll just point out – again – that there’s an extreme abundance of D in this story. It’s hot, sure, but it’s also quite repetitive and mostly not of the sweet lovin’ variety. So be prepared for that if you decide to give this book a try.


I'm a Swedish book nerd reading mostly steamy English romance novels. And since there is so much good stuff out there, and so much shitty stuff too. I just want to give credit where it's due (and diss the rest).