DNF - Did not finish,  M/M,  Not my kind of smut

Totally Trucked (The Men of Bear Springs #1) by BJ Blakely

First off, I need to say that this wasn’t my kind of read. At all. When reading the blurb, I thought it sounded interesting, but I quickly discovered where me limits were.

But I don’t judge. To each their own and all that. And I’m certain there are tons of people who’d think Totally Trucked is hot as hell. Unfortunately, I didn’t though. So I’m obviously not the target reader of this story.

Anyways. This is about Jax the trucker, and Logan the twink who works at a truck stop diner. And these guys meet through a glory-hole in a public restroom. It’s dirty. In every sense of the word. And there’s plenty of sloppiness and cum involved. Over half of the book is a succession of glory-hole hook-ups and beat-off sessions. Then they finally meet face-to-face, not just face-to-crotch (sorry, couldn’t help myself there) and they expand their hook-up repertoire.

This is dirty as heck. It’s a story for those who enjoy the nasty and unsanitary. The writing as such is okay, and even though I had trouble pinpointing Jax’s and Logan’s personalities, they were likable enough. So I’m sure there are plenty of readers out there who will love this story.

What I did love, however, was the cover photo. It’s hot!

* A free copy of this book was provided by Gay Romance Reviews


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