4-star,  Delicious smut,  M/M

Undercover (Vino & Veritas #4) by Eliot Grayson

Release Date: March 29

I’m actually surprised how much I liked this book! Two vastly different guys that start out their relationship based on lies but despite that manage to turn it into the real thing in the end. A very delightful read indeed!

Synopsis: Alec is an undercover FBI agent tasked with trying to crack a case involving drugs being smuggled into the US in yoga-mats (yes, totally ridiculous, right? But all the yoga-bashing in the book totally made up for it!). Gabe is a rich twink who’s adrift after being kicked out of grad school. After Gabe inadvertently rouses Alec’s suspicions (among other things), Alec realizes that Gabe – although clearly not involved – might be his best shot at solving the case. Only what starts out as work very soon turns way personal.

This is a stand-alone romance where one of the MCs is an undercover agent. And, quite frankly, it’s difficult as heck to keep crime investigations to appear even remotely realistic when the end goal is the happily ever after. But Grayson did an excellent job of it by keeping actual descriptions of Alec’s job to a bare minimum. That might seem like an unorthodox way of doing it but it totally worked.

Gabe was an insta-like for me. So very lonely and insecure, there was no way not to feel immediately protective of him. Alec was a grump. But with the dual POV, Alec’s foot-in-mouth problem and Gabe’s attempts at flirting were, well, they were cringe-worthy, but with the inner monologues to explain it all it was also quite endearing. Highly uncomfortable but still endearing.

The story really hit its stride when Gabe brought Alec to the party at his family’s marina. I just sort of inhaled the book from there. And also, the hotness! It was crazily indecent. Which I (naturally) loved.

And, this was the first book I’ve read where I found male lace panties (manties?!?) to be sexy. I mean, hot damn!

So. Undercover is an easy, entertaining read with some super hot D-action. I think I could actually recommend it for those particular sections alone… It is fluff of course. But the very best kind. 4 easy stars.

* A free copy of this book was kindly provided by Heart Eyes Press *


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