Unforgettable (Vino & Veritas #16) by Marley Valentine

Release Date: August 12th

This story was sooo close to getting a 5-star from me.

It has the most heart-warming vibe that just saturates the entire read. It’s warm and cosy and I just wanted to wrap myself in Oz and Reeve they were so cute. They’re utterly delightful and I loved them.

Synopsis: Oz is this big viking of a guy that has the most tender heart. Reeve is shy and slightly awkward but he immediately sees Oz for the kind person he is and not just his rugged and stacked exterior. These guys meet one night for a hook-up, then the next morning, they go their separate ways. But a few days later, Reeve turns up at Oz’s job – as the new employee. Their chemistry is off the charts, so when Oz needs a date – and a pretend boyfriend – for his sisters wedding, well it’s only natural to ask Reeve for a favour.

Yes. This is a combo of two very well (overly?) used tropes; The one-night stand that won’t stay away and the fake boyfriend trope. But it doesn’t feel dated at all. It’s endearing and engaging, despite the predictability of it.

The infatuation between the MCs feel genuine and evolves through their fake dating in an entirely organic way. Reeve was a dear, but I especially loved Oz. He’s this big, strong guy who dominates in the bedroom but is somewhat of a gentle giant who’s always caring for the people around him.

Character-wise, chemistry-wise and shenanigans-wise, this was a 5-star book.

So what ruined this read for me?

It was the totally made-up dramatics. You know that hurdle the guys need to overcome before they can have their happily ever after.

I mean, there isn’t really much of a storyline. It’s these two guys that meet, fake date and fall for each other despite themselves. And that part is fine. But then Valentine uses the worst reasons ever as the threat to Oz’s and Reeves’s happiness. It’s the “I don’t want to have my heart broken again, so instead I will leave even though I’m totally in love already” combined with the “I promised my filthy rich parents I’d work in the family business even though it will slowly kill my soul so I’ll be going now” reason.

And I just can’t stand that BS. No-one walks away from someone they’re already in love with because they’re afraid they’ll be hurt in the future. And don’t get me started on grown-ass adults who wittingly will sacrifice their own happiness just to please their parents.

Therefore, since the controversy felt entirely manufactured, I can only give this book a 4-star.

* A free copy of this book was kindly provided by Heart Eyes Press *


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