4-star,  M/M,  Paranormal

Vortex Conundrum (Ghostly Guardians #2) by Louisa Masters

Estimated release date: June 22

Cute, fast-paced and there are demons!
In other words, Vortex Conundrum, the sequel to Spirited Situation, is pretty darn entertaining.

Synopsis: So there’s Kieran – the slightly uptight manager of Mannix estate – and there’s Connor – the demon hunter who’s there to save the day. Kieran doesn’t like Connor, not even a little bit, but he needs him to solve their little problem of having a gateway to another dimension in the hotel. And like he didn’t have enough to deal with already, Connor keeps flirting with him while also being the most annoying person ever. He’s hot though, so if he offers to help relieve some of Kieran’s tension, that shouldn’t complicate things, right?

Having Kieran and Connor start out with some sort of annoying-roomies-with-benefits thing was genius. It kick-started the story and allowed for some spice before credible feeling could established. It also added even more tension to the chaos at the estate. Because it was chaos, in the very best way. The estate staff juggles ghosts, unwelcome spirits, and smuggles demon hunters into the hotel, with the guests none the wiser. There’s simply not a dull moment.

Overall I liked this book more than the first in the seriesSpirited Situation was sweet (with the best opening chapter!) but the faster pace in Vortex was more entertaining if you ask me. This book was more of everything. More characters, more world-building, more directions of the story.

It was great seeing all the characters from Spirited Situation again. Especially Josh and Ewan. But apart from Kieran and Josh, Skye captured a lot of my attention. I can’t wait to get his story, so I keep my fingers crossed for the third book.

Basically, if you like quirky and fun with some man-on-man action, this is a story for you. Highly recommend. 4 strong stars!

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