5-star reads,  M/M

Who We Are (The Seafare Chronicles #2) by T.J. Klune

Who We Are was everything I expect from a Klune-book and more. It was laughter and tears. It was amazing and lovely. Tragic but also so very wonderful. Epic really.

Now, I was a bit disappointed by the prequel, but it’s absolutely essential to have that backstory to be able to enjoy Who We Are fully. So even though the first installment was overly angsty, not as funny as I expect Klune’s books to be, and chock-full of long-winded sentimentality (which isn’t my cup of tea, just FYI), it’s still a great story that you need to read in order to enjoy the awesomeness that is Who We Are.

As with Bear, Otter, and the Kid, the story is told entirely from Bear’s point of view. The slightly neurotic, entirely charming and hilarious Bear. What I was missing in the prequel, Who We Are more than made up for. Because the Klune humour was back. And OMG how I laughed. I was occasionally in literal tears from laughing.

Synopsis: So, the story kicks off pretty much where BOatK ended with Bear and Otter happily together but with the threat of losing Tyson hanging over their heads. Bear and the Kid both need to adjust a bit to their new, more stable living arrangements and the fact that they can actually lean on someone else for a change. Bear is allowed – for the first time – to consider his own dreams and desires. With Otter by his side, he’s pretty much unstoppable. Still a rambling mess, but a happy mess. He also discovers that now that he’s out, he notices guys in an entirely new way. And that Otter is a jealous guy. But then when everything seems to come together, tragedy strikes.

At one point in the beginning of the read I feared the story would be the kind where the lovers would be ripped apart again just to have to fight for a new happily ever after. And I hate those stories. But, fortunately, that didn’t happen even if it was a close call. Instead I got to see Bear spread his wings and get his happy even if his own neurosis kept getting in the way. That there were some hot, hot, hot sexytimes sprinkled in didn’t hurt either. But this read is so much more. It’s downright swoon-worthy.

Who We Are is the very best type of story since it’s completely character-driven. There’s a lot going on in the story, but the biggest kick is to follow the emotional journey of Bear and his crazy inner monologues. But there are many other characters to get to know and fall in love with too. My personal favourite side-character was Mrs. Paquinn and her inappropriate and hilarious comments.

The only thing I didn’t like about Who We Are was the cover picture. I never really like covers where you can see the faces of the characters. I mean, tastes differ. And it’s hard to picture the leading hot guy if the book cover features someone – in your eyes – not so hot. But the cover of Who We Are took that to a whole new level. It’s just super creepy and I can’t imagine the thought process that led to that picture being chosen. I mean, look at them!

But anyway. Don’t let the cover scare you away because the story is amazing and I can’t recommend it enough. Ten out of five stars. Easy.


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