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Wilder Love by Emery Rose

This is a totally fabulous book! I loved it. I also cried a lot. And was completely overwhelmed with all of the feeliest feels that could be felt.

Wilder Love is a story about second chances. Of growing up. Of forgiveness and of overcoming defeat and misfortune. It’s beautiful and sad and absolutely worth your time.

It’s the story of Remy and Shane and spans over almost a decade. Remy is young, beautiful and damaged. Bent only on surviving until her 18th birthday when she can finally get away from her neglectful mother. Shane is the golden boy, a pro surfer with a brilliant career ahead of him. When Remy and Shane meet, they fall instantly. But she’s too young, and her shitty circumstances attracts all the wrong attention. In trying to protect Shane, Remy ends up destroying him instead. Can their love survive betrayal and years apart?

I won’t lie, this is a tragic story. There was definitive hiccup-crying going on for a while. But it’s also the most beautiful lovestory with a HEA and it was so worth all the tissues.

Usually, I’m not a fan of stories covering years and years because, if it’s a romance, it usually means star-crossed lovers spending too much time apart. That’s not for me. I want the drama and the angst and the sweet lovin’ without unnecessary breaks. And that’s what I got in Wilder Love. The focus was always Remy’s and Shane’s story, despite them technically being separated. How their relationship evolved, and how they changed and developed as individuals was described so beautifully I get all teary-eyed just thinking about it.

Rose is an incredibly talented writer and storyteller. There’s the sweet, innocent and – despite all the familial shit – heart-warming beginning of Remy and Shane. Then, there’s all that ugly catching up with them, changing the mood of the story entirely, stripping away their innocence. And the final part, where they’re older and more jaded, but still able to find their way back to a version of what they had before everything turned to shit. Wilder Love is the very definition of an emotional roller-coaster, and it’s amazing.

This is my first read by Rose, but if Wilder Love is anything to go by, she’s one of my new favourite authors.


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